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Postfix Documentation
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Compatibility with Postfix <2.2 IPv6 support

Postfix version 2.2 IPv6 support is based on the Postfix/IPv6 patch by Dean Strik and others, but differs in a few minor ways.

  • The inet_interfaces parameter does not support the notation "ipv6:all" or "ipv4:all". Use the inet_protocols parameter instead.

  • Specify " inet_protocols = all" or " inet_protocols = ipv4, ipv6" in order to enable both IPv4 and IPv6 support.

  • The inet_protocols parameter also controls what DNS lookups Postfix will attempt to make when delivering or receiving mail.

  • Specify " inet_interfaces = loopback-only" to listen on loopback network interfaces only.

  • The lmtp_bind_address and lmtp_bind_address6 features were omitted. The Postfix LMTP client will be absorbed into the SMTP client, so there is no reason to keep adding features to the LMTP client.

  • The SMTP server now requires that IPv6 addresses in SMTP commands are specified as [ipv6:ipv6address], as described in RFC 2821.

  • The IPv6 network address matching code was rewritten from the ground up, and is expected to be closer to the specification. The result may be incompatible with the Postfix/IPv6 patch.

Postfix Documentation
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