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Postfix Documentation
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3 - Documentation

Documentation is available as README files (start with the file README_FILES/AAAREADME), as HTML web pages (point your browser to "html/index.html") and as UNIX-style manual pages.

You should view the README files with a pager such as more(1) or less(1), because the files use backspace characters in order to produce bold font. To print a README file without backspace characters, use the col(1) command. For example:

% col -bx <file | lpr

In order to view the manual pages before installing Postfix, point your MANPATH environment variable to the "man" subdirectory; be sure to use an absolute path.

% export MANPATH; MANPATH="`pwd`/man:$MANPATH"
% setenv MANPATH "`pwd`/man:$MANPATH"

Of particular interest is the postconf(5) manual page that lists all the 400+ configuration parameters. The HTML version of this text makes it easy to navigate around.

All Postfix source files have their own built-in manual page. Tools to extract those embedded manual pages are available in the mantools directory.

Postfix Documentation
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