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Postfix Documentation
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What clients to relay mail from

By default, Postfix will forward mail from clients in authorized network blocks to any destination. Authorized networks are defined with the mynetworks configuration parameter. The default is to authorize all clients in the IP subnetworks that the local machine is attached to.

IMPORTANT: If your machine is connected to a wide area network then your default mynetworks setting may be too friendly.

Examples (specify only one of the following):

mynetworks_style = subnet  (default: authorize subnetworks)
mynetworks_style = host    (safe: authorize local machine only)
mynetworks =   (safe: authorize local machine only)
mynetworks = (authorize local machine) 

You can specify the trusted networks in the file, or you can let Postfix do the work for you. The default is to let Postfix do the work. The result depends on the mynetworks_style parameter value.

  • Specify " mynetworks_style = host" when Postfix should forward mail from only the local machine.

  • Specify " mynetworks_style = subnet" (the default) when Postfix should forward mail from SMTP clients in the same IP subnetworks as the local machine. On Linux, this works correctly only with interfaces specified with the "ifconfig" command.

  • Specify " mynetworks_style = class" when Postfix should forward mail from SMTP clients in the same IP class A/B/C networks as the local machine. Don't do this with a dialup site - it would cause Postfix to "trust" your entire provider's network. Instead, specify an explicit mynetworks list by hand, as described below.

Alternatively, you can specify the mynetworks list by hand, in which case Postfix ignores the mynetworks_style setting. To specify the list of trusted networks by hand, specify network blocks in CIDR (network/mask) notation, for example:

mynetworks =,

You can also specify the absolute pathname of a pattern file instead of listing the patterns in the file.

Postfix Documentation
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