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Xen 3.0 Virtualization User Guide
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5.2.2 Xen networking scripts

Xen's virtual networking is configured by two shell scripts (by default network-bridge and vif-bridge). These are called automatically by xend when certain events occur, with arguments to the scripts providing further contextual information. These scripts are found by default in /etc/xen/scripts. The names and locations of the scripts can be configured in /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp.

This script is called whenever xend is started or stopped to respectively initialize or tear down the Xen virtual network. In the default configuration initialization creates the bridge `xen-br0' and moves eth0 onto that bridge, modifying the routing accordingly. When xend exits, it deletes the Xen bridge and removes eth0, restoring the normal IP and routing configuration.

This script is called for every domain virtual interface and can configure firewalling rules and add the vif to the appropriate bridge. By default, this adds and removes VIFs on the default Xen bridge.

Other example scripts are available (network-route and vif-route, network-nat and vif-nat). For more complex network setups (e.g. where routing is required or integrate with existing bridges) these scripts may be replaced with customized variants for your site's preferred configuration.

Xen 3.0 Virtualization User Guide
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