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11.5 Keyword Search for Lisp Libraries

The C-h p command lets you search the standard Emacs Lisp libraries by topic keywords. Here is a partial list of keywords you can use:

abbrevabbreviation handling, typing shortcuts, macros.
bibcode related to the bib bibliography processor.
csupport for the C language and related languages.
calendarcalendar and time management support.
commcommunications, networking, remote access to files.
convenienceconvenience features for faster editing.
datasupport for editing files of data.
docssupport for Emacs documentation.
emulationsemulations of other editors.
extensionsEmacs Lisp language extensions.
facessupport for multiple fonts.
filessupport for editing and manipulating files.
framessupport for Emacs frames and window systems.
gamesgames, jokes and amusements.
hardwaresupport for interfacing with exotic hardware.
helpsupport for on-line help systems.
hypermediasupport for links between text or other media types.
i18ninternationalization and alternate character-set support.
internalcode for Emacs internals, build process, defaults.
languagesspecialized modes for editing programming languages.
lispLisp support, including Emacs Lisp.
localcode local to your site.
maintmaintenance aids for the Emacs development group.
mailmodes for electronic-mail handling.
matchingvarious sorts of searching and matching.
mousemouse support.
multimediaimages and sound support.
newssupport for netnews reading and posting.
oopsupport for object-oriented programming.
outlinessupport for hierarchical outlining.
processesprocess, subshell, compilation, and job control support.
terminalssupport for terminal types.
texsupporting code for the TeX formatter.
toolsprogramming tools.
unixfront-ends/assistants for, or emulators of, UNIX-like features.
wpword processing.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire