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Chapter 3. Installation of your Linux Server

The next two chapters is structured in a manner that follows the original installation of the Red Hat Linux CD-ROM. Each section below refers to, and will guide you through, different screens that will appear during the setup of your system after the insertion of the Red Hat boot diskette in your computer.

We promise that it will be interesting to have the machine you want to install Linux on, ready and near to you when you follow the steps described below. From time to time Red Hat Linux updates its operating system to a new version and adds, changes or removes some packages as well as changes some locations, content or features of files in its distribution.

Red Hat Recently has updated their version of operating system to 6.2 called Zoot, which is a minor upgrade of 6.1, so to be as accurate as possible about all information contained in these early chapters, we'll comment upon installation of version 6.1 as well as version 6.2 for those who will upgrade or install to it. Any sections in this chapter that refer to version 6.1 will be for the Red Hat Linux 6.1 (Cartman) distribution, and any section where we talk about version 6.2 will be for the Red Hat Linux 6.2 (Zoot) distribution, respectively.

The following conventions will simplify the interpretations in these chapter:

             All versions
             This icon applies to Red Hat Linux version 6.1 and 6.2 respectively.

            Version 6.1 only 
          This icon applies to Red Hat Linux version 6.1 only.

              Version 6.2 only
              This icon applies to Red Hat Linux version 6.2 only.

We know that many organizations and companies handle different versions of this operating system, and run a number of services on them. Sometimes it may be difficult to upgrade to the latest version since clients use services on the server 24 hours a day. With this simple convention, people who maintain and use version 6.1 of Red Hat Linux will always find exact information related to their needs.

  Published under the terms of the Open Publication License Design by Interspire