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26.1. Compile ans Install


These installation instructions assume

  • Commands are Unix-compatible.

  • The source path is /var/tmp, other paths are possible.

  • Installations were tested on Red Hat Linux 6.1 and 6.2.

  • All steps in the installation will happen in super-user account root.

  • OpenLDAP version number is 1.2.10

The Package(s) required are and available at:

OpenLDAP Homepage:
OpenLDAP FTP Site:
You must be sure to download: openldap-1.2.10.tgz

Before you decompress tarballs, it is a good idea to make a list of files on the system before you install OpenLDAP, and one afterwards, and then compare them using diff to find out what file it placed where. Simply run find /* > OpenLDAP1 before and find /* > OpenLDAP2 after you install the software, and use diff OpenLDAP1 OpenLDAP2 > OpenLDAP-Installed to get a list of what changed.

Compile and decompress the tarball, tar.gz.
                 [root@deep] /# cp openldap-version.tgz /var/tmp
                 [root@deep] /# cd /var/tmp/
                 [root@deep ]/tmp# tar xzpf openldap-version.tgz

  Published under the terms of the Open Publication License Design by Interspire