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22.13. Sendmail Administrative Tools

The commands listed below are some that we use often, but many more exist. Check the man page and documentation for more details and information.

newaliases. The purpose of the newaliases program utility of Sendmail is to rebuild and update the random access database for the mail aliases file /etc/mail/aliases. It must be run each time you change the contents of this file in order for the changes to take effect. To update the aliases file with the newaliases utility, use the following command:
         [root@deep] /# /usr/bin/newaliases

makemap. The purpose of the makemap program utility is to create the database maps in Sendmail. The makemap command must be used only when you need to create a new database for file like aliases, access, or domaintable, mailertable, and virtusertable. To run makemap to create a new database for access, use the following command:
         [root@deep] /# makemap hash /etc/mail/access.db < /etc/mail/access

  • Where <hash> is the database format, makemap can handles up to three different database formats; they may be hash, btree or dbm.

  • The /etc/mail/access.db is the location and the name of the new database that will be created.

  • The /etc/mail/access is the location of the file from where makemap will read from the standard input file.

In our example, we have created a new access.db file with the makemap command above. To create a database for other files like aliases, domaintable, mailertable, and virtusertable, you must indicate the location and name of the corresponding file in the makemap command.

mailq. The purpose of the mailq program utility is to print a summary of the mail messages queued for future delivery. To print a summary of the mail messages queued, use the following command:
         [root@deep] /# mailq

         Mail queue is empty

22.13.1. Sendmail Users Tools

The commands listed below are some that we use often, but many more exist. Check the man page and documentation for more details and information.

mailstats. The purpose of the mailstats program utility is to displays contents of the current mail statistics. To displays the current mail statistics, use the following command:
         [root@deep] /# mailstats

         Statistics from Tue Dec 14 20:31:48 1999
         M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
         5        0          0K        1          3K        0       0  esmtp
         8     1259      19618K     1259      19278K        0       0  local
         T     1259      19618K     1260      19281K        0       0

praliases. The purpose of the praliases program utility is to display one per line, in no particular order the contents of the current system mail aliases. To displays the current system aliases, use the following command:
         [root@deep] /# praliases


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