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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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12.1.4 CVS commands

Here are CVS commands with their shortcuts.

     {add|ad|new} [-k kflag] [-m 'message'] files...
     {admin|adm|rcs} [rcs-options] files...
     {annotate|ann} [options] [files...]
     {checkout|co|get} [options] modules...
     {commit|ci|com}   [-lnR]  [-m  'log_message'  |  -f  file] \
             [-r revision] [files...]
     {diff|di|dif} [-kl] [rcsdiff_options] [[-r rev1 | -D date1] \
             [-r rev2 |  -D date2]] [files...]
     {export|ex|exp} [-flNn] -r rev|-D date [-d dir] [-k kflag] module...
     {history|hi|his} [-report] [-flags] [-options args] [files...]
     {import|im|imp} [-options] repository vendortag releasetag...
     {log|lo|rlog} [-l] rlog-options [files...]
     {rdiff|patch|pa} [-flags] [-V vn] [-r t|-D d [-r t2|-D d2]] modules...
     {release|re|rel} [-d] directories...
     {remove|rm|delete} [-lR] [files...]
     {rtag|rt|rfreeze} [-falnR]  [-b]  [-d]  [-r  tag  |  -D  date] \
              symbolic_tag modules...
     {status|st|stat} [-lR] [-v] [files...]
     {tag|ta|freeze} [-lR] [-F] [-b] [-d] [-r tag | -D date]  [-f] \
              symbolic_tag [files...]
     {update|up|upd} [-AdflPpR] [-d] [-r tag|-D date] files...

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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