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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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9.7.11 X terminal emulators

There are many X consoles which support simple 8 bit encodings when pertinent font packages are installed:

  • xterm – The X terminal emulator

  • gnome-terminalxterm for Gnome

  • konsolexterm for KDE

  • rxvt – VT102 terminal (lighter)

  • aterm – VT102 for Afterstep WM

  • eterm – VT102 for Enlightment WM

  • wterm – VT102 for WindowMaker WM

Multi-byte encoding supports of X console are provided by xterm through UTF-8 encoding ( UTF-8 support for the X terminal emulator, Section 9.7.12). Other traditional encoding supports are in progress (as of 2003). Following packages offer traditional encoding supports:

  • aterm-ml – Multi-lingual

  • kterm – Multi-lingual (Japanese, ...)

  • rxvt-ml – Multi-lingual

  • wterm-ml – Multi-lingual

  • cxterm-big5 – Chinese (Trad., Big5)

  • cxterm-gb – Chinese (Simp., GB)

  • cxterm-ks – Chinese (KS)

  • cxterm-jis – Japanese

  • hanterm-classic – Korean (Hangul)

  • hanterm-xf – Korean (Hangul)

  • hztty – Chinese (GB, Big5, zW/HZ)

For kterm (and possibly others), you may want to activate XIM through menu after Ctrl-middle-click mouse action.

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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