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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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9.4.1 X packages

There are a few (meta)packages provided to ease installation of the X system in Woody.


This metapackage provides the essential components for a stand-alone workstation running the X Window System. It provides the X libraries, an X server (xserver-xfree86), a set of fonts, and a group of basic X clients and utilities.


This metapackage provides substantially all the components of the X Window System as developed by the XFree86 Project, as well as a set of historically popular accessory programs. (Notably, it depends on x-window-system-core, twm, and xdm, i.e., no need to install x-window-system-core if you install this.)


Files and utilities common to XFree86 3.x X servers (XF3)


Supplemental XF3 server packages to support hardware not supported by the new XF4 server (xserver-xfree86) for whatever reason. Some old ATI mach64 cards are not supported in XF4, other cards hang badly in the Woody version of XF4, etc. (For available packages, use apt-cache search xserver-|less. All of these XF3 servers depend on xserver-common-v3.)

For most cases, x-window-system is the package to install. (If you want console login, be sure to disable xdm as described in "Let me disable X on boot!", Section 8.1.4.)

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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