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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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8.6.20 Perl short script madness

Although any Awk scripts can be automatically rewritten in Perl using a2p(1), one-liner Awk scripts are best converted to one-liner perl scripts manually. For example

     awk '($2=="1957") { print $3 }' |

is equivalent to any one of the following lines:

     perl -ne '@f=split; if ($f[1] eq "1957") { print "$f[2]\n"}' |
     perl -ne 'if ((@f=split)[1] eq "1957") { print "$f[2]\n"}' |
     perl -ne '@f=split; print $f[2] if ( $f[1]==1957 )' |
     perl -lane 'print $F[2] if $F[1] eq "1957"' |

Since all the whitespace in the arguments to perl in the line above can be removed, and taking advantage of the automatic conversions between numbers and strings in Perl:

     perl -lane 'print$F[2]if$F[1]eq+1957' |

See perlrun(1) for the command-line options. For more crazy Perl scripts, may be interesting.

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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