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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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6.4.4 Reconfigure installed packages

Use the following to reconfigure any already-installed package.

     # dpkg-reconfigure --priority=medium package [...]
     # dpkg-reconfigure --all   # reconfigure all packages
     # dpkg-reconfigure locales # generate any extra locales
     # dpkg-reconfigure --p=low xserver-xfree86 # reconfigure X server

Do this for debconf if you need to change the debconf dialog mode permanently.

Some programs come with special configuration scripts. [36]

     apt-setup     - create /etc/apt/sources.list
     install-mbr   - install a Master Boot Record manager
     tzconfig      - set the local time zone
     gpmconfig     - set gpm mouse daemon
     sambaconfig   - configure Samba in Potato (Woody uses debconf)
     eximconfig    - configure Exim (MTA)
     texconfig     - configure teTeX
     apacheconfig  - configure Apache (httpd)
     cvsconfig     - configure CVS
     sndconfig     - configure sound system
     update-alternatives - set default command, e.g., vim as vi
     update-rc.d         - System-V init script management
     update-menus        - Debian menu system

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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