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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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3.8.4 Large memory and auto power-off

Edit /etc/lilo.conf as follows to set boot-prompt parameters for large memory (for 2.2 kernels) and auto power-off (for APM):

     append="mem=128M apm=on apm=power-off noapic"

Run lilo to install these settings. apm=power-off is needed for a SMP kernel and noapic is needed to avoid problems for my buggy SMP hardware. The same can be done directly by entering options at the boot prompt. See Other boot tricks with the boot prompt, Section 8.1.5.

If APM is compiled as a module, as in Debian default 2.4 kernels, run insmod apm power_off=1 after boot or set /etc/modules by:

     # echo "apm power_off=1" >>/etc/modules

Alternatively, compiling ACPI support achieves the same goal with newer kernels and seems to be more SMP-friendly (this requires a newer motherboard). The 2.4 kernel on newer motherboards should detect large memory correctly.


and add the following lines in /etc/modules in this order:


Or recompile the kernel with all of the kernel options above set to "y". In any case, none of the boot-prompt parameters are needed with ACPI.

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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