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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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3.1.9 Hosts and IP to use for LAN

Example of LAN configuration (C subnet:

        +--- External ISP provides POP service (accessed by fetchmail)
       Access point ISP provides DHCP service and SMTP relay service
        |                     :
       Cable modem         (Dialup)
        |                     :
     LAN Gateway machine external port: eth0 (IP given by ISP's DHCP)
      use old notebook PC (IBM Thinkpad, 486 DX2 50MHz, 20MB RAM)
      run Linux 2.4 kernel with ext3 filesystem.
      run "ipmasq" package (with stronger patch, NAT, and firewall)
      run "dhcp-client" package configured for eth0 (override DNS setting)
      run "dhcp" package configured for eth1
      run "exim" as the smarthost (mode 2)
      run "fetchmail" with a long interval (fallback)
      run "bind" as the cache nameserver for Internet from LAN
                 as authoritative nameserver for LAN domain from LAN
      run "ssh" on port 22 and 8080 (connect from anywhere)
      run "squid" as the cache server for the Debian archive (for APT)
     LAN Gateway machine internal port: eth1 (IP =, fixed)
              +--- LAN Switch (100base T) ---+
              |                              |
     Some fixed IP clients on LAN     Some DHCP clients on LAN
     (IP =, fixed)    (IP =, dynamic)

See Network configuration, Chapter 10 for the details of configuring the network. See Building a gateway router, Section 10.12 for the details of configuring the LAN gateway server.

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire