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Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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11.3.4 Editor command summary (Emacs, Vim)

     exit:                           C-x C-c         :qa /:wq /:xa /:q!
     Get back/command mode:          C-g             <esc>
     Backward(left):                 C-b             h
     Forward(right):                 C-f             l
     Next(down):                     C-n             j
     Previous(up):                   C-p             k
     stArt of line(^):               C-a             0
     End of line($):                 C-e             $
     mUltiple commands:              C-u nnn cmd     nnn cmd
     Multiple commands:              M-digitkey cmd
     save File:                      C-x C-s         :w file
     beginning of buffer:            M-<             1G
     end of buffer:                  M->             G
     scroll forward 1 screen:        C-v             ^F
     scroll forward 1/2 screen:                      ^D
     scroll forward 1 line:                          ^E
     scroll backward 1 screen:       M-v             ^B
     scroll backward 1/2 screen:                     ^U
     scroll backward 1 line:                         ^Y
     scroll the other window:        M-C-v
     delete under cursor:            C-d             x
     delete from cursor to eol:      C-k             D
     iSearch forward:                C-s
     isearch Reverse:                C-r
     Search forward:                 C-s enter       /
     search Reverse:                 C-r enter       ?
     isearch regexp:                 M-C-s
     isearch backward regexp:        M-C-r
     search regexp:                  M-C-s enter     /
     search backward regexp:         M-C-r enter     ?
     Help:                           C-h C-h         :help
     Help Apropos:                   C-h a
     Help key Bindings:              C-h b           :help [key]
     Help Info:                      C-h i
     Help Major mode:                C-h m
     Help tutorial:                  C-h t           :help howto
     Undo:                           C-_             u
     Redo:                           C-f             ^R
     Mark cursor position:           [email protected]             m{a-zA-Z}
     eXchange Mark and position:     C-x C-x
     goto mark in current file:                      '{a-z}
     goto mark in any file:                          '{A-Z}
     copy region:                    M-w             {visual}y
     kill region:                    C-w             {visual}d
     Yank and keep buffer:           C-y             
     Yank from kill buffer:          M-y             p
     convert region to Upper:        C-x C-u         {visual}U
     convert region to Lower:        C-x C-l         {visual}u
     Insert special char:            C-q octalnum/keystroke  
                                                     ^V decimal/keystroke
     replace:                        M-x replace-string      :%s/aaa/bbb/g
     replace regexp:                 M-x replace-regexp      :%s/aaa/bbb/g
     query replace:                  M-%                     :%s/aaa/bbb/gc
     query replace:                  M-x query-replace
     query replace regexp:           M-x query-replace-regexp
     Open file:                      C-x C-f         :r file
     Save file:                      C-x C-s         :w
     Save all buffers:               C-x s           :wa
     Save as:                        C-x C-w file    :w file
     Prompt for buffer:              C-x b
     List buffers:                   C-x C-b         :buffers
     Toggle read-only:               C-x C-q         :set ro
     Prompt and kill buffer:         C-x k
     Split vertical:                 C-x 2           :split
     Split horizontal:               C-x 3           :vsplit (ver. 6)
     Move to other window:           C-x o           ^Wp
     Delete this window:             C-x 0           :q
     Delete other window(s):         C-x 1           ^Wo
     run shell in bg:                M-x compile
     kill shell run in bg:           M-x kill-compilation
     run make:                                       :make Makefile
     check error message:            C-x`            :echo errmsg
     run shell and record:           M-x shell       :!script -a tmp
     ...clean BS, ...                                :!col -b <tmp >record shell record:    C-x C-w record  :r record
     run shell:                      M-! sh          :sh
     run command:                    M-! cmd         :!cmd
     run command and insert:         C-u M-! cmd     :r!cmd
     run filter:                     M-| file        {visual}:w file
     run filter and insert:          C-u M-| filter  {visual}:!filter
     show option                                     :se[t] {option}?
     reset option to default                         :se[t] {option}&
     reset boolean option                            :se[t] no{option}
     toggle boolean option                           :se[t] inv{option}
     wrap text at column 72                          :se tw=72
     do not wrap                                     :se tw=0
     autoindent                                      :se ai
     expand tab                                      :se et
     specify comment (mail)                          :se comments=n:>,n:\|
     run GDB                         M-x gdb                        
     describe GDB mode               C-h m                          
     step one line                   M-s
     next line                       M-n
     step one instruction (stepi)    M-i                            
     finish current stack frame      C-c C-f                        
     continue                        M-c                            
     up arg frames                   M-u                            
     down arg frames                 M-d                            
     copy number from point, insert at the end 
                                     C-x &                          
     set break point                 C-x SPC

Debian GNU/Linux Reference Guide
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  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire