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16.7. Log Files and Debugging

When compiling the UUCP suite to use Taylor-style logging, you have only three global log files, all of which reside in the spool directory. The main log file is named Log and contains all the information about established connections and transferred files. A typical excerpt looks like this (after a little reformatting to make it fit the page):
uucico pablo - (1994-05-28 17:15:01.66 539) Calling system pablo (port cua3)
uucico pablo - (1994-05-28 17:15:39.25 539) Login successful
uucico pablo - (1994-05-28 17:15:39.90 539) Handshake successful
               (protocol 'g' packet size 1024 window 7)
uucico pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:15:43.65 539) Receiving D.pabloB04aj
uucico pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:15:46.51 539) Receiving X.pabloX04ai
uucico pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:15:48.91 539) Receiving D.pabloB04at
uucico pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:15:51.52 539) Receiving X.pabloX04as
uucico pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:15:54.01 539) Receiving D.pabloB04c2
uucico pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:15:57.17 539) Receiving X.pabloX04c1
uucico pablo - (1994-05-28 17:15:59.05 539) Protocol 'g' packets: sent 15,
                resent 0, received 32
uucico pablo - (1994-05-28 17:16:02.50 539) Call complete (26 seconds)
uuxqt pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:16:11.41 546) Executing X.pabloX04ai
               (rmail okir)
uuxqt pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:16:13.30 546) Executing X.pabloX04as
               (rmail okir)
uuxqt pablo postmaster (1994-05-28 17:16:13.51 546) Executing X.pabloX04c1
               (rmail okir)

The next important log file is Stats, which lists file transfer statistics. The section of Stats corresponding to the above transfer looks like this (again, the lines have been split to fit the page):
postmaster pablo (1994-05-28 17:15:44.78)
                  received 1714 bytes in 1.802 seconds (951 bytes/sec)
postmaster pablo (1994-05-28 17:15:46.66)
                  received 57 bytes in 0.634 seconds (89 bytes/sec)
postmaster pablo (1994-05-28 17:15:49.91)
                  received 1898 bytes in 1.599 seconds (1186 bytes/sec)
postmaster pablo (1994-05-28 17:15:51.67)
                  received 65 bytes in 0.555 seconds (117 bytes/sec)
postmaster pablo (1994-05-28 17:15:55.71)
                  received 3217 bytes in 2.254 seconds (1427 bytes/sec)
postmaster pablo (1994-05-28 17:15:57.31)
                  received 65 bytes in 0.590 seconds (110 bytes/sec)

The third file is Debug. Debugging information is written here. If you use debugging, make sure this file has protection mode 600. Depending on the debug mode you select, it may contain the login and password you use to connect to the remote system.

If you have some tools around that expect your log files to be in the traditional format used by HDB-compatible UUCP implementations, you can also compile Taylor UUCP to produce HDB-style logs. This is simply a matter of enabling a compile-time option in config.h.

  Published under the terms of the Creative Commons License Design by Interspire