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Shared Directories

Shared: Not architecture specific, can be shared between different archs.


.desktop files for KDE-menu (old)


.desktop files for KDE-menu (since KDE 3.2)


Contains application-specific data files. Each application has a sub-directory here for storing additional data files.


Configuration files. Configuration files are normally named after the application they belong to plus the letters “rc”. A special case is kdeglobals. This file is read by all KDE applications.


This directory is used by session management and is normally only available under $ KDEHOME . At the end of a session KDE applications store their state here. The file names consist of the name of the application followed by a number. The session manager ksmserver stores references to these numbers when saving a session in ksmserverrc.


This directory contains documentation for KDE applications. Documentation is categorized by language and the application it belongs to. Normally at least two files can be found in a directory: index.docbook, which contains the documentation in the unformatted DocBook format, and index.cache.bz2, which contains the same documentation formatted as bzip2 -compressed HTML. The HTML version is used by KHelpCenter. If the HTML version is missing, KHelpCenter will regenerate it from the DocBook version but this is a time-consuming process.


Under this directory icons are stored. Icons are categorized by theme, dimension and usage category.


In this directory,.desktop files that describe MIME types are stored. KDE uses MIME types to identify the type of a file.


This directory contains .desktop files that describe services. Services are like applications but are usually launched by other applications instead of the user. Services do not appear in the KDE menu.


This directory contains .desktop files that describe servicetypes. A servicetype usually represents a certain programming interface. Applications and Services include in their >.desktop files the servicetypes that they provide.


This directory contains sound files.


This directory contains templates for creating files of various types. A template consists of a .desktop file that describes the file and that includes a reference to a file in the .source sub-directory. The templates in this directory appear in the Create New menu available on the desktop and in the file browser. When a user selects a template from the menu its source file is copied.


This directory contains images that can be used as background picture

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