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How to have Read Only Access


Beware that I've been confirmed that Notes IMAP implementation in Kontact prior to version 1.01 is broken, so this setup will not work for them, so you want to use them, you need to use the previous setup.

In the previous setup, we have the same “fake” user, named groupware, that is used by all the “realKontact users (i.e. tony, rohn, amanda, etc.) through the IMAP account with its login and password. But this way every real user has the same read/write permissions of the others, since everyone connects as the user groupware to the IMAP server.

To limit access to some users (typically, providing read-only access), we can use the ACL (Access Control Lists).

Select in KMail a subfolder of office_gwdata inbox, for instance Calendar , and right click the mouse. Select Properties Access Control tab. Here you can enter the users you want give access to this folder and what they can do.

Just to experiment trying to exchange events, we give “All” permission to the user mary

At cyrus level (in the PC that runs IMAP server cyrus, with cyrus tools), we first need to add the user mary, so it's an IMAP recognized user, and create an IMAP folder for her.

Then we login to GNU/Linux as mary and enter Kontact. As previously shown, we will setup an IMAP account in KMail with the same data but the one of the user (instead of the fake user groupware and its password, we will use mary and her password).

In KMail folder tree, this time you will see this structure: office_gwdata -> user -> groupware -> Calendar and Tasks . Check the mail ( File -> Check Mail ) and you will also have an “inbox” folder under “office_gwdata”.

Now enable KMail groupware functionality, and in Resource folders are subfolders of put the inbox that is subfolder of “office_gwdata”.

Now enable KMail groupware functionality, and in Resource folders are subfolders of put the inbox that is subfolder of office_gwdata .

Now you have two branches of folder under “office_gwdata”:

  1. inbox” with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Journal, that are saved on mary IMAP folders on the IMAP server

  2. user”, with the subfolder “groupware” and the subfolders to which mary has access to (in this example, Calendar and Tasks)

right mouse button click on the “user” “Calendar” and check if it's of type Calendar (if not, set it to be), and also if “user”“Tasks” is of type Tasks.

Now in Calendar you have two available IMAP resources to write against, so if you create a new event, you are prompted which one use (or if you left the local resources available, you have 3!).

You have go to the lower left small window in Calendar, the one that shows available resources, and uncheck the ones that don't point to path (see the tail part of each resource path).

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire