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Regional & Accessibility

J Hall

This section is where you can configure options to do with region and locale, and also acessibility related options for disabled persons.


Here is where you can configure options for users who have difficulty hearing system sounds or using a keyboard. You can configure the system bell to use a visual signal, such as flashing the screen or inverting screen colors. You can also configure keyboard accessibility options such as sticky keys and slow keys.

Country/Region & Language

This module allows you to configure options that are specific to your location such as language, currency and date format. To make available more languages, install the kde-i18n packages for your distribution.

Input Actions

Here is where you would configure input actions, such as mouse gestures and keyboard shotcuts for launching applications and running commands.

Keyboard Layout

This module is where you would configure Kxkb, a keyboard layout switching utility that uses the X Window System� xkb extension. It allows you to switch between different layouts using a tray indicator or a keyboard shortcut. You can enable/disable keyboard layouts through this dialog, and add more. Some of the more powerful features are the ability to configure switching of layouts globally, per application or per window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here you can configure global KDE keyboard shortcuts. There are several predefined shortcut schemes you can use if you are more used to another windowing environment, like Windows� or MacOS. If you prefer, you can customise your own scheme and modifier keys.

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