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Configuration Modules

KDE has configuration modules to configure various aspects of the KDE environment. Configuration modules appear in the Control Center, in the Configuration dialog of an application or in both.

The proxy configuration module appears in the Control Center but also as part of the Configure Konqueror dialog in Konqueror

Individual configuration modules can be started with kcmshell module

To start the Proxy module use:

  • kcmshell kde-proxy.desktop

  • kcmshell proxy


Not all applications use configuration modules, often the configuration dialog is an integral part of the application itself.

All configuration modules are strictly speaking part of the KDE menu.

  • The modules that are visible in the Control Center normally have a .desktop file in $ KDEDIR /share/applications/kde and are sorted under the hidden Settings-Modules menu by the, included from

     2> /dev/null | 
  • Application specific modules normally have a .desktop file under $ KDEDIR /share/applnk/.hidden which corresponds to the hidden .hidden menu, included as a result of <KDELegacyDirs/>

     2> /dev/null | 
  • In KDE 3.3 it is possible to edit the Control Center with kcontroledit. kcontroledit works just like kmenuedit, changes for current user only. Use kiosktool to make changes for everyone.

Individual configuration modules can be disables by adding the following to kdeglobals:

[KDE Control Module Restrictions]



For example, to disable the proxy module use

[KDE Control Module Restrictions]

Check the Control Center and the Configure Konqueror dialog if the proxy configuration is still there.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire