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10.2. Organizing and Importing Photos

After you make your selection, Fedora loads thumbnails , or previews, of the photos from your camera into a new window. From this new window, you can tell Fedora the destination of the imported images and how you want your images organized as it loads them from your camera. In this dialog, you can select and/or deselect photo(s) to import by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail. To select all photos, click any photo and then press the key combination [Ctrl]+[A] . To deselect all photos, press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[A] . Once all desired photos for import are selected, click the Import button. To cancel the entire import process, click the Cancel button. For a more detailed explanation of the options available when importing images, see the information below.

[Tip] What to do if you accidentally disconnect your camera.

The camera button allows you to reload the thumbnails in case your camera is accidentally disconnected from the computer. If that happens, Fedora may display an additional dialog returning you to the previous step. It is safe to select Ignore in that dialog, return to this one, and click the camera button again.

10.2.1. Selecting a Filing Method

Use Destination to select a folder in which to keep your photo images. Within a destination folder, you can further organize your photos by date and time, or by any other method you wish. If you enter text into the Film box, Fedora uses this text to label and organize the photos you import.

If you want Fedora to delete the images from your camera after it imports them, select Delete imported images from the camera . If you want it to use the filenames from the camera, select Keep original filenames . If you do not select this box, Fedora automatically numbers your images using the order it imports them, starting with "00001."

10.2.2. Categorizing Your Photos

The Categories box shows any special category labels you select to mark the photos you import. If you want to select any categories for your photos, click the ... button, which makes the category selection dialog appear.

To label your images with a category, click the checkbox next to the category name. Select as many as you wish. If you do not see a category name you like, select the New button and enter a new category name to add to the list. If you want to remove a category name permanently from the list, select the category by clicking on its name and then select Delete .

As you select categories, they appear in the Selected categories box. When you are finished, select OK to save the category names, or Cancel to forget any category selection(s).

[Tip] Selecting a category using a checkbox protects filing choices.

It is easy to accidentally misfile images due to a typing mistake. By using checkbox selection, images are correctly categorized every time.


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