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3.6.3. Tour of the system

  • Change to the /proc directory.

  • What CPU(s) is the system running on?

  • How much RAM does it currently use?

  • How much swap space do you have?

  • What drivers are loaded?

  • How many hours has the system been running?

  • Which filesystems are known by your system?

  • Change to /etc/rc.d | /etc/init.d | /etc/runlevels and choose the directory appropriate for your run level.

  • What services should be running in this level?

  • Which services run in graphical mode that don't run in text mode?

  • Change to /etc

  • How long does the system keep the log file in which user logins are monitored?

  • Which release are you running?

  • Are there any issues or messages of the day?

  • How many users are defined on your system? Don't count them, let the computer do it for you!

  • How many groups?

  • Where is the time zone information kept?

  • Are the HOWTOs installed on your system?

  • Change to /usr/share/doc.

  • Name three programs that come with the GNU coreutils package.

  • Which version of bash is installed on this system?

Introducing Linux
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