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 FTP clients

Most Linux distributions include ncftp, an improved version of the common UNIX ftp command, which you may also know from the Windows command line. The ncftp program offers extra features such as a nicer and more comprehensible user interface, file name completion, append and resume functions, bookmarking, session management and more:

thomas:~> ncftp blob
NcFTP 3.0.3 (April 15, 2001) by Mike Gleason ([email protected]).
Connecting to blob... FTP server (Version wu-2.6.1-20) ready.
Logging in...
Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
Logged in to blob.
ncftp / > help
Commands may be abbreviated.  'help showall' shows hidden and 
unsupported commands.  
'help <command>' gives a brief description of <command>.

ascii      cat      help      lpage     open     quote    site     
bgget      cd       jobs      lpwd      page     rename   type     
bgput      chmod    lcd       lrename   pdir     rhelp    umask    
bgstart    close    lchmod    lrm       pls      rm       version  
binary     debug    lls       lrmdir    put      rmdir      
bookmark   dir      lmkdir    ls        pwd      set        
bookmarks  get      lookup    mkdir     quit     show       
ncftp / > 

Excellent help with lot of examples can be found in the man pages. And again, a number of GUI applications are available.

Warning FTP is insecure!

Don't use the File Transfer Protocol for non-anonymous login unless you know what you are doing. Your user name and password might be captured by malevolent fellow network users! Use secure FTP instead; the sftp program comes with the Secure SHell suite, see Section

Introducing Linux
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