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Revision History
Revision 1.35 2006-10-07 PWF

Bugfixes, most minor

Revision 1.34 2006-08-27 PWF

Major reorganization for better workflow

Revision 1.33 2006-08-20 PWF

Added information on additional repos and other fixes.

Revision 1.32 2006-04-30 SE

Amended USB media instructions to use dmesg.

Revision 1.31 2006-04-30 SE

Improved LVM and partitioning information.

Revision 1.30 2006-04-30 SE

Amended section on formatting USB media.

Revision 1.29 2006-04-30 SE

Noted that Fedora package tools require network access.

Revision 1.28.1 2006-04-05 PWF

Provided extra CD burning information.

Revision 1.28 2006-04-04 SE

Fixed Soundcard screenshot links.

Revision 1.27 2006-03-29 SE

Reenabled Sound Card section.

Revision 1.26 2006-03-14 SE

Removed obsolete admonition.

Revision 1.25 2006-03-12 SE

Updated to match Rawhide.

Revision 1.24 2006-03-04 SE

Updated First Boot section.

Revision 1.23 2006-03-03 SE

Boot options broken out into clearer subsections.

Revision 1.22 2006-03-01 SE

Added Xen material.

Revision 1.21 2006-02-10 SE

Updated First Boot.

Revision 1.20 2006-02-10 SE

Screenshot changes.

Revision 1.19 2006-02-10 SE

Updated screenshots.

Revision 1.18 2006-02-09 SE

Added the task selection screen.

Revision 1.17 2006-02-02 SE

Added section on remote logging.

Revision 1.16 2006-01-29 SE

Updated indexing.

Revision 1.15 2006-01-26 SE

Updated Package Selection screen for test2.

Revision 1.14 2006-01-23 SE

Updated for FC5 test2.

Revision 1.13 2006-01-16 SE

Added information on driver disks.

Revision 1.12 2006-01-11 SE

Minor fixes to Boot Options.

Revision 1.11 2006-01-09 SE

Expanded Technical References section.

Revision 1.1 2005-12-22 SE

Amended Management Options section.

Revision 1.0.9 2005-12-22 SE

Updated Management Options section.

Revision 1.0.8 2005-12-14 SE

Added Technical References section.

Revision 1.0.7 2005-12-12 SE

Added Management Options section.

Revision 1.0.6 2005-12-10 SE

Updated sections on installation methods.

Revision 1.0.5 2005-12-08 SE

Updated partitioning section.

Revision 1.0.4 2005-12-06 SE

Added material on updating the new installation.

Revision 1.0.3 2005-12-04 SE

Reorganized to match anaconda screens.

Revision 1.0.2 2005-11-25 PWF

Additional reorganization for clarity; information on /home partition

Revision 1.0.1rc1 2005-11-20 PWF

Reorganization of introductory material

Revision 1.0 2005-06-10 KW

Release version

Revision 1.0rc1 2005-06-08 KW

Publication edit and declaration of release candidate

Revision 0.7 2005-05-15 SE

Additional style editing and indexing

Revision 0.6.3 2005-05-10 PWF

Style editing, removed "nextsteps" from build

Revision 0.6.2 2005-04-30 SE

First commission to CVS, plus very minor parent file edits

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire