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12.10.  Tile

12.10.1.  Overview

Figure 16.259.  The same image, before and after applying Tile filter

The same image, before and after applying Tile filter

Original image

The same image, before and after applying Tile filter

(We have reduced image size intentionally)

This filter makes several copies of the original image, in a same or reduced size, into a bigger (new) image.

12.10.2.  Activate the filter

You can find this filter through FiltersMapTile.

12.10.3.  Options

Figure 16.260.  Tile” filter options

Tile filter options

Tile to new size


Input boxes and their arrow-heads allow you to enter the dimensions for the new image. Both directions are linked by default with a chain . You can make them independent by breaking this chain. You can choose a unit else than pixel by clicking on the drop-down list button.

The new image must be bigger than the original one . Else, you will get an image sample only. Choose sizes which are multiple of original sizes if you don't want to have truncated tiles.

Create New image

It's in your interest to keep this option checked to avoid modifying your original image.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire