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4.13.  Border

Figure 15.37.  Example of creating a border from a selection

Example of creating a border from a selection

An image with a selection

Example of creating a border from a selection

After “Select Border

The Select Border command creates a new selection along the edge of an existing selection in the current image. The edge of the current selection is used as a form and the new selection is then created around it. You enter the width of the border, in pixels or some other unit, in the dialog window. Half of the new border lies inside of the selected area and half outside of it.

4.13.1.  Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the image menubar through SelectBorder.

4.13.2.  Description of the “Border” dialog window

Figure 15.38.  The “Border” dialog window

The Border dialog window

Border selection by

Enter the width of the border selection in the box. The default units are pixels, but you can also choose the units with the drop-down menu.

Feather border

If this option is checked, the edges of the selection will be feathered. This creates a smooth transition between the selection and its surroundings. Note than you can't use the Feather Edges option of the selection tools for this purpose.

Lock selection to image edges

With this option enabled, an edge of an (usually rectangle) selection remains unchanged if it is aligned with an edge of the image; no new selection will be created around it.

Figure 15.39.  Select border with and without “Lock to image edges

Select border with and without Lock to image edges

Select border without (middle) and with (right) locked selection.

Select border with and without Lock to image edges

Same selections filled with red.

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