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Eclipse RSE Development Guide
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Remote System Explorer runtime options

Some RSE runtime preferences are set using system properties. With RSE release 2.0, all new runtime preferences are set using the plugin_customization.ini method.

System properties

The following system properties are used by RSE. Properties are set using -DpropertyName=propertyValue as a VM argument to the Java VM.

whether to show the New Connection prompt in RSE views by default. The value may be true or false. The default is true.
whether to create and show a Local connection by default when RSE starts with a new workspace. The value may be true or false. The default is true.

Plugin customizations

See Customizing a product for a description of plugin preference customization.

Core Preferences

The id of the default persistence provider. This provider is used when new profiles are created and an explicit persistence provider is not set for them. The default value is org.eclipse.rse.persistence.MetadataPropertyFileProvider

This preference allows you to disable installed system types on a product basis. Values may be true or false.

The system type is enabled. Connections of this system type may be created.
The system type is disabled. Connections of this system type may not be created. The system type will be unavailable in the user interface.

The default value is true for each installed system type.

The following example shows how to disable the "telnet" system type.

org.eclipse.rse.core/org.eclipse.rse.systemtype.telnet.systemType.enabled = false

User Interface Preferences


The value is a bit field composed of or'ing the following bit flag values together to achieve the desired setting.

bit mask - value 1
If on, specifies whether or not to insert mnemonic indications into the current text of a label.
bit mask - value 2
If on, specifies to generate mnemonics of the form (X) at the end of labels for those languages matching the locale pattern. If off, then only characters from the label will be used as mnemonics.

The default value is 3.

The value is a regular expression that is matched against the current locale. Some products will desire to append mnemonics only for certain locales. The default pattern matches Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Allows a product to customize whether or not to show empty list messages in the remote system view when expanding a filter that results in an empty list of resources. The default value is true.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire