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Eclipse Plug-in Developer Guide
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Incompatibilities between Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4

Eclipse changed in incompatible ways between 3.3 and 3.4 in ways that affect plug-ins. The following entries describe the areas that changed and provide instructions for migrating 3.3 plug-ins to 3.4. Note that you only need to look here if you are experiencing problems running your 3.3 plug-in on 3.4.

  1. FileEditorInput#getPath throws IllegalArgumentException for non local files
  2. Changed scheduling rules for IProject#setDescription
  3. IWorkbenchActionConstants.MB_ADDITIONS no longer supported in Marker views
  4. org.eclipse.tomcat no longer included
  5. Corrected API for tabbed properties view to not require the usage of internal types

1. FileEditorInput#getPath throws IllegalArgumentException for non local files

What is affected: Clients that call getPath() on FileEditorInput.

Description:In release 3.3 and earlier, FileEditorInput#getPath returned null when called on an input whose file was not in the local file system. This violated the contract of IPathEditorInput#getPath which did not allow a null result. The method now throws IllegalArgumentException in this case. The convenience method FileEditorInput#isLocalFile has been added so that callers who are unsure of the state of a supplied IFile can check before calling #getPath.

Action required: Clients that call FileEditorInput#getPath should check if they are calling it on an input that is not in the local file system, and react accordingly.

2. Changed scheduling rules for IProject#setDescription

What is affected: Clients that call IProject#setDescription.

Description: In the 3.3 release, all calls to IProject#setDescription required the caller to own IResourceRuleFactory#modifyRule, which was implemented with the IWorkspaceRoot scheduling rule. This was too restrictive in most cases, and unnecessarily prevented other threads from modifying other projects in the workspace while modifyRule was held. In the 3.4 release, the IWorkspaceRoot scheduling rule is now only needed when configuring project natures: clients calling IProject#setDescription without the AVOID_NATURE_CONFIG flag. IResourceRuleFactory#modifyRule now only locks the project resource by default, allowing more concurrency when opening or closing projects, or when setting the description but not configuring project natures.

Action required: Clients calling IProject#setDescription should ensure they own the correct scheduling rule. See the API javadoc for a description of what rules are required for this and other workspace operations.

3. Markers views no longer support additions entries

What is affected: Clients adding to the Problems, Tasks or Markers Views using IWorkbenchActionConstants.MB_ADDITIONS

Description: The Problems, Tasks or Markers Views no longer have an entry for IWorkbenchActionConstants.MB_ADDITIONS as the pop-up and view menus are now all commands based.

Action required: Additions to these views can be made using the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point.

4. org.eclipse.tomcat no longer included

What is affected: Any RCP application with a dependency on the org.eclipse.tomcat plugin.

Description: Up to and including Eclipse 3.2 the help system used a Tomcat server and included the plug-in org.eclipse.tomcat. Since Eclipse 3.3 the help system no longer uses Tomcat and instead uses the Equinox web server. In Eclipse 3.4 org.eclipse.tomcat was removed from platform and sdk builds.

Action required: Remove any dependencies to org.eclipse.tomcat. If you need a web server use the Equinox server defined in org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty.

5. Corrected API for tabbed properties view to not require the usage of internal types

What is affected: Clients calling TabbedPropertySheetPage.getCurrentTab(), overriding TabbedPropertySheetPage.updateTabs(), or implementing ITabSelectionListener.

Description: The above mentioned methods and types were not usable because they required clients to refer to internal, non-API types. To fix the leakage of internal types, methods were removed/renamed in a binary incompatible way. For details, please refer to bug 224390.

Action required: Clients who were referring to internal non-API types to make use of the mentioned methods and types will have to be updated to refer to the cleaned up API. Plug-ins that need to work against both versions 3.3 and 3.4 will have to use reflection to protect themselves from the binary incompatibilities.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire