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Eclipse Java ME (J2ME) Developer Guide
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Packaging Outputs

JAR File Deployment

The deployed JAR file will be created in the deployment directory using the following information:
  • The verified class files found in the verified output directory.
  • The resources found in the resources directory.
  • The manifest file will be based on the contents of the project's source JAD file.

JAD File Deployment

The source JAD file found in the root directory of the MIDlet Suite project will be copied into the deployment directory during the packaging operation. All changes should be made in the source JAD file as opposed to the deployed JAD file, as the deployed JAD file will be overwritten during the packaging operation.

During deployment of the JAD file, the MIDlet-Jar-Size property of the JAD file will be updated to match the size of the previously deployed JAR file.

Obfuscated Package Outputs

The JAR and JAD files are necessary for deployment to a MIDP capable device. In addition to those files, a number of other files are made available during the obfuscated packaging process. These files are placed in the deployment directory alongside the resulting JAR and JAD files.

  • *_base.jar
    This JAR file contains the initial packaging before the obfuscation processing occurs. This file acts as the source for the obfuscation processing.
  • *_base_obf.jar
    This JAR file contains the obfuscated classes. Preverification will be run against this jar file again to produce the final obfuscated and preverified JAR file.
  • pro_map.txt
    This file contains information concerning the mapping applied from the original source names to the obfuscated names. This file may be used by the Proguard ReTrace command to rebuild the original stack trace from an obfuscated stack trace.
  • pro_seeds.txt
    This file lists the MIDlet classes that were included and acted as the seeds to the obfuscation process.
  • proguard.cfg
    This file holds the configuration that was specified to Proguard in order to generate the resulting obfuscated package.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire