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Eclipse Application Testing Guide
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Recorder Control View

Recorders are controlled and monitored in the Recorder Control view.

Open the Recorder Control view:

  1. Select Window > Show View > Other... from the file menu.
  2. Select Test > Recorder Control.
  3. Click OK to open the Recorder Control view.

The view contains a toolbar and status pane:


The toolbar contains the following buttons to control recorders:

  • New Test From Recording

    Launches the New Test From Recording wizard to launch a recorder to create the new recording and create a new test from the new recording. In addition, a test can be created from an existing recording with the wizard.

  • Stop Recording

    Stops the launched recorder.

Status Pane

The status pane contains the following information to monitor the launched recorder:

  • Kilobytes of data recorded by the recorder.
  • Status of the recorder. For example, Initializing..., Recording, or Stopped.
  • Status messages emitted by the recorder. For example, Recording started, Recording completed, and Test generation completed.

Individual status messages can be selected and copied (right-click the selected status message and select Copy). In addition, all of the status messages can be selected (right-click a status message and select Select All) and copied (right-click a status message and select Copy).

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