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Databases - Practical PostgreSQL
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What Is Included on the CD?

The CD included with this book contains the complete source for PostgreSQL 7.1.3. The CD also includes the PostgreSQL application server LXP. The following is a listing of what is on the CD, including a short description of each package:


The community version of PostgreSQL in compressed source form. This is the most actively developed PostgreSQL distribution. We do not provide binaries of PostgreSQL, as you may want to compile different features.

The source is available as a single compressed file ( postgresql-7.1.3.tar.gz ). Its contents are not extracted on the CD, as you must copy and extract the files onto your hard drive before installing PostgreSQL.


An evaluation/developer-use copy of the LXP PostgreSQL application server for Apache 1.3.x. LXP is a good tool for integrating PostgreSQL (and other technologies) with the web. This package is a binary distribution intended for x86-based systems. It must be copied to your hard drive before it can be extracted.


A directory containing the extracted contents of the lxp-eval-0.8.0.tgz file. LXP can be installed directly from the lxp directory on the CD. See Chapter 13 for information on installing LXP.


The PostgreSQL dump of the example booktown database used throughout this book. This file contains both commands to re-create the database schema, as well as some sample data.

To install this database after you have installed PostgreSQL, type from the command line psql -U postgres template1 -f /mnt/cdrom/booktown.sql (where /mnt/cdrom is the path to your mounted CD, and postgres is your PostgreSQL superuser).

Databases - Practical PostgreSQL
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