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NOTE: CentOS Enterprise Linux is built from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. Other than logo and name changes CentOS Enterprise Linux is compatible with the equivalent Red Hat version. This document applies equally to both Red Hat and CentOS Enterprise Linux.

7.6. Additional Resources

There is a large amount of detailed information available about the X server, the clients that connect to it, and the assorted desktop environments and window managers.

7.6.1. Installed Documentation

  • /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/README — Briefly describes the XFree86 architecture and how to get additional information about the XFree86 project as a new user.

  • /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/RELNOTES — For advanced users that want to read about the latest features available in XFree86.

  • man xorg.conf — Contains information about the xorg.conf configuration files, including the meaning and syntax for the different sections within the files.

  • man X.Org — The primary man page for X.Org Foundation information.

  • man Xorg — Describes the X11R6.8 display server.

7.6.2. Useful Websites

7.6.3. Related Books

  • The Concise Guide to XFree86 for Linux by Aron Hsiao; Que — Provides an expert's view of the operation of XFree86 on Linux systems.

  • The New XFree86 by Bill Ball; Prima Publishing — Discuses XFree86 and its relationship with the popular desktop environments, such as GNOME and KDE.

  • Beginning GTK+ and GNOME by Peter Wright; Wrox Press, Inc. — Introduces programmers to the GNOME architecture, showing them how to get started with GTK+.

  • GTK+/GNOME Application Development by Havoc Pennington; New Riders Publishing — An advanced look into the heart of GTK+ programming, focusing on sample code and a thorough look at the available APIs.

  • KDE 2.0 Development by David Sweet and Matthias Ettrich; Sams Publishing — Instructs beginning and advanced developers on taking advantage of the many environment guidelines required to built QT applications for KDE.

  Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License Design by Interspire