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Android Development
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Using Resources

This section describes how to use the resources you've created. It includes the following topics:

At compile time, Android generates a class named R that contains resource identifiers to all the resources in your program. This class contains several subclasses, one for each type of resource supported by Android, and for which you provided a resource file. Each class contains one or more identifiers for the compiled resources, that you use in your code to load the resource. Here is a small resource file that contains string, layout (screens or parts of screens), and image resources.

Note: the R class is an auto-generated file and is not designed to be edited by hand. It will be automatically re-created as needed when the resources are updated.

public final class R {
    public static final class string {
        public static final int greeting=0x0204000e;
        public static final int start_button_text=0x02040001;
        public static final int submit_button_text=0x02040008;
        public static final int main_screen_title=0x0204000a;
    public static final class layout {
        public static final int start_screen=0x02070000;
        public static final int new_user_pane=0x02070001;
        public static final int select_user_list=0x02070002;

    public static final class drawable {
        public static final int company_logo=0x02020005;
        public static final int smiling_cat=0x02020006;
        public static final int yellow_fade_background=0x02020007;
        public static final int stretch_button_1=0x02020008;

Android Development
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