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Android Development
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Key File Format

The key file is a plain text file divided into three sections. Each section starts with a keyword that begins with '*'. If you see a '*' at the start of a line, you have found the start of a new section.

An example file might look like this:

1 main
6 JDWP Handler
5 Async GC
4 Reference Handler
3 Finalizer
2 Signal Handler
0x080f23f8 java/io/PrintStream write ([BII)V
0x080f25d4 java/io/PrintStream print (Ljava/lang/String;)V
0x080f27f4 java/io/PrintStream println (Ljava/lang/String;)V
0x080da620 java/lang/RuntimeException	<init>	()V
0x080f630c android/os/Debug startMethodTracing ()V
0x080f6350 android/os/Debug startMethodTracing (Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;I)V
version section
The first line is the file version number, currently 1. The second line, clock=global, indicates that we use a common clock across all threads. A future version may use per-thread CPU time counters that are independent for every thread.
threads section
One line per thread. Each line consists of two parts: the thread ID, followed by a tab, followed by the thread name. There are few restrictions on what a valid thread name is, so include everything to the end of the line.
methods section
One line per method entry or exit. A line consists of four pieces, separated by tab marks: method-ID [TAB] class-name [TAB] method-name [TAB] signature . Only the methods that were actually entered or exited are included in the list. Note that all three identifiers are required to uniquely identify a method.

Neither the threads nor methods sections are sorted.

Android Development
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