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Android Development
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Controlling Log Output Format

Log messages contain a number of metadata fields, in addition to the tag and priority. You can modify the output format for messages so that they display a specific metadata field. To do so, you use the -v option and specify one of the supported output formats listed below.

  • brief — Display priority/tag and PID of originating process (the default format).
  • process — Display PID only.
  • tag — Display the priority/tag only.
  • thread — Display process:thread and priority/tag only.
  • raw — Display the raw log message, with no other metadata fields.
  • time — Display the date, invocation time, priority/tag, and PID of the originating process.
  • long — Display all metadata fields and separate messages with a blank lines.

When starting logcat, you can specify the output format you want by using the -v option:

[adb] logcat [-v <format>]

Here's an example that shows how to generate messages in thread output format:

adb logcat -v thread

Note that you can only specify one output format with the -v option.

Android Development
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