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How to Install an IDE drive into a system with a SATA disk controller?

Many modern systems are now supplied with Serial ATA (SATA) controller and connectors on the motherboard. If you have just purchased a new system that is SATA based and would like to install an IDE based disk drive there are a couple of ways you can do so.

Option 1

By far the most cost effective way to install an IDE drive using one of the SATA connectors on your motherboard is to purchase an IDE to SATA converter. This is a small device that connects into the back of your IDE drive and allows you to plug a SATA cable into the other side of the cable.

Before you purchase your IDE to SATA converter there is one very important thing to check. The IDE to SATA converter will protrude from the back of the hard drive when installed. Once the SATA connector is then plugged into the converter you will need even more clearance behind the IDE disk drive.

You should first, therefore, check that you can install your IDE drive in a drive bay that has sufficient clearance for the IDE to SATA converter.

Option 2

Install an IDE disk controller into one of the PCI slots on your motherboard. This is a more costly option than purchasing an IDE to SATA converter but works just as well and leaves you with all of the SATA sockets on your motherboard free for further expansion in the future.

Both PCI-based disk controllers and IDE to SATA converters are available from a wide range of on-line suppliers.

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