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Ruby Programming
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Create Locals Outside Blocks

Try defining the variables used in a block before the block executes. When iterating over a very large set of elements, you can improve execution speed somewhat by predeclaring any iterator variables. In the first example below, Ruby has to create new x and y variables on each iteration, but in the second version it doesn't. We'll use the benchmark package from the Ruby Application Archive to compare the loops:

require "benchmark"
include Benchmark
n = 1000000
bm(12) do |test|"normal:")    do
    n.times do |x|
      y = x + 1
  end"predefine:") do
    x = y = 0
    n.times do |x|
      y = x + 1
                  user     system      total        real
normal:       2.450000   0.020000   2.470000 (  2.468109)
predefine:    2.140000   0.020000   2.160000 (  2.155307)
Ruby Programming
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