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Ruby Programming
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Play It Again

Sometimes you may be able to correct the cause of an exception. In those cases, you can use the retry statement within a rescue clause to repeat the entire begin/end block. Clearly there is tremendous scope for infinite loops here, so this is a feature to use with caution (and with a finger resting lightly on the interrupt key).

As an example of code that retries on exceptions, have a look at the following, adapted from Minero Aoki's net/smtp.rb library.

@esmtp = true

begin   # First try an extended login. If it fails because the   # server doesn't support it, fall back to a normal login

  if @esmtp then     @command.ehlo(helodom)   else     @command.helo(helodom)   end

rescue ProtocolError   if @esmtp then     @esmtp = false     retry   else     raise   end end

This code tries first to connect to an SMTP server using the EHLO command, which is not universally supported. If the connection attempt fails, the code sets the @esmtp variable to false and retries the connection. If this fails again, the exception is reraised up to the caller.
Ruby Programming
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