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OpenOffice Writer User Guide
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Setting up envelopes for printing

To set up envelopes to be printed with your letters:

  1. Click Insert > Envelope from the menu bar.

  2. In the Envelope dialog box, start with the Envelope tab (Figure 279). Verify, add, or edit the information in the Addressee and Sender boxes (Sender is the “from†on the envelope). You can use the right-hand dropdown lists to select the database or table from which you can draw the envelope information. Use the same method as described in “Creating a form letter†on page 259, in particular Figure 271.


  1. On the Format tab (Figure 280), verify or edit the positioning of the addressee and the sender information. The preview area on the lower right shows the effect of your positioning choices.

    To format the text of these blocks, click the Edit buttons to the right.

  • In Character, you can choose fonts, sizes, underlines or color, rotating/scaling, backgrounds and more.

  • In Paragraph, you can choose indenting, alignment, flow, tabs and more.


  1. In the lower left of this tab, choose the envelope format from the dropdown list. The width and height of the selected envelope then show in the boxes below the selected format. If you chose a pre-existing format, just verify these sizes. If you chose User defined in the Format list, edit the sizes.

  2. After formatting, select the Printer tab (Figure 281) to choose printer options such as envelope orientation and shifting. You may need to experiment a bit to see what works best for your printer.

    You can also choose a different printer or alter the printer setup (for example, specify the tray that holds envelopes) for this print job.

  3. When you have finished formatting, click either the New Doc or Insert button to finish. New Doc makes only the envelopes or starts a new document with the envelopes. Insert inserts the envelopes into your existing document as page 1.

    To not proceed with this envelope, click Cancel or press the Esc key. You can also click Reset to remove your changes and return to the original settings when the dialog box opened.

  4. To remove blank lines from the addresses, use the technique described in steps 1 through 5 in “Removing blank lines in addresses†on page 281.


OpenOffice Writer User Guide
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