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OpenOffice 3.x Getting Started Guide
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Moving from cell to cell

In the spreadsheet, one cell, or a group of cells, normally has a darker black border. This black border indicates where the focus is.

(Left) One selected cell and (right) a group of selected cells

Using the mouse

To move the focus using the mouse, simply move the mouse pointer to the cell where the focus should be and click the left mouse button. This changes the focus to the new cell. This method is most useful when the two cells are a large distance apart.

Using the Tab and Enter keys

  • Pressing Enter or Shift+Enter moves the focus down or up, respectively.
  • Pressing Tab or Shift+Tab moves the focus right or left, respectively.

Customizing the Enter key

You can customize the direction in which the Enter key moves the focus, by selecting Tools > Options > Calc > General.

Customizing the effect of the Enter key

The four choices for the direction of the Enter key are shown on the right side of Figure 7. Depending on the file being used or on the type of data being entered, different directions can be useful.

The Enter key can also be used to switch into and out of editing mode. Use the options under Input settings to change the Enter key settings.

Using the arrow keys

Pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard moves the focus in the direction of the arrows.

Using Home, End, Page Up and Page Down

  • Home moves the focus to the start of a row.
  • End moves the focus to the column furthest to the right that contains data.
  • Page Down moves the display down one complete screen and Page Up moves the display up one complete screen.
  • Combinations of Control and Alt with Home, End, Page Down, Page Up, and the cursor keys move the focus of the current cell in other ways.
Image:Tip.png Holding down Alt+Cursor key resizes a cell.

OpenOffice 3.x Getting Started Guide
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