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OpenOffice 3.x Getting Started Guide
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Gluepoints and connectors

All Draw objects have associated invisible gluepoints. Most objects have four gluepoints.

Four gluepoints

Gluepoints are different from handles (the small blue or green squares around an object). Use the handles to move or resize an object; use the gluepoints to attach connectors to an object.

You can add more gluepoints, and customize gluepoints, using the toolbar of the same name. Gluepoints become visible when you click the Gluepoints icon Image:GluepointsIcon.png on the Drawing toolbar and then move the end of a connector over the object.

Connectors are a type of line or arrow whose ends dock to glue points on other objects. When you move the other object, the connector moves with it. Connectors are particularly useful for making organizational charts. You can reorganize the blocks of your chart and all the connected objects stay connected.

The figure below shows two Draw objects and a connector.

A connector between two objects

Draw has a range of advanced connector functions. You can change connector types using the context menu or by opening the floating Connectors toolbar (click on the Connectors icon Image:ConnectorsIcon.png). For more about connectors and gluepoints, see Chapter 9 (Organization Charts, Flow Diagrams, and More) in the Draw Guide.

OpenOffice 3.x Getting Started Guide
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