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OpenOffice Calc 3.x Guide
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Relative and absolute hyperlinks

Hyperlinks can be saved as either absolute or relative. An absolute hyperlink says, “Here is how to get there from this known starting point” and a relative hyperlink says, “Here is how to get there starting from where you are now”.

To change the way that OOo saves the hyperlinks choose Tools > Options > Load/Save > General and choose if you want URLs saved relative to the File System, to the Internet, or both.

Calc always displays an absolute hyperlink. Don’t be alarmed when it does this when you have chosen a relative hyperlink.

If you have a relative hyperlink and you move files (the document and any linked files) on your computer, you shouldn’t have to remake your hyperlink as long as you maintain the same directory structure. For instance, if you have two spreadsheets in the same folder linked to each other and you move the entire folder to a new location, the hyperlink will not break. This is only true as long as the files’ locations relative to each other do not change.

In the example below, the path is D:\My Documents for the linked file. That is because the folder both sheets are in is in that directory.

Files on D drive

If we move that folder to the H:\ drive, the links in Calc will automatically update because we have not changed the location of the files relative to each other. Both files are still in the working with multiple sheets folder.

Files on H drive
Directory with linked files
Updated links on H drive

Again, note that in the examples, the path is displayed as absolute even though it is relative.

Image:documentation_note.png Make sure that the folder structure on your computer is the same as the file structure on your web server if you save your links as relative to the file system and you are going to upload pages to the Internet.
Image:Tip.png When you rest the mouse cursor on a hyperlink, a help tip displays the absolute reference, since OOo uses absolute path names internally. The complete path and address can only be seen when you view the result of the HTML export (saving the spreadsheet as an HTML file), by loading the HTML file as Text, or by opening it with a text editor.

OpenOffice Calc 3.x Guide
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