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Release 3.0

Uses of Interface

Packages that use IPropertySetContainer
org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.terminals.core Application programming interface for creating customized terminal subsystems. 
org.eclipse.rse.ui.subsystems Application programming interface for managing the user interface for subsystem actions. 

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.connectorservice.dstore

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.connectorservice.dstore that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class DStoreConnectorService
          System class required by the remote systems framework.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.filters

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.filters
 interface ISystemFilter
          A filter consists of filter strings and may be contained in a filter pool.
 interface ISystemFilterPool
          This interface represents a system filter pool, which is a means of grouping filters to be referenced together.
 interface ISystemFilterPoolReference
          Interface implemented by references to filter pools.
 interface ISystemFilterString
          A filter string is a pattern used by the server-side code to know what to return to the client.

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.core.filters that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class SystemFilterReference
          Represents a shadow or reference to a system filter.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.model

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.model
 interface IHost
          Interface for Host (SystemConnection) objects.
 interface IPropertySet
          A Property Set stores key/value pairs, where the keys are Strings and the values are an IProperty, of a type declared by an IPropertyType.
 interface IRSEModelObject
          IRSEModelObject is the root type of all objects in the RSE model.
 interface ISystemProfile
          A system profile holds definitions for hosts (connections), filter pools, filters, and filter strings.

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.core.model that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class DummyHost
          A DummyHost is used as a placeholder during the construction of hosts by wizards.
 class Host
          Default implementation of the IHost interface.
 class PropertyList
          A property list is an ordered property set.
 class PropertySet
          A Hashmap based implementation of the IPropertySet interface.
 class PropertySetContainer
          A PropertySetContainer is capable of holding multiple named property sets.
 class RSEModelObject
          Provides common support for local RSE model objects.

Methods in org.eclipse.rse.core.model that return IPropertySetContainer
  IPropertySetContainer IPropertySet. getContainer ()
  IPropertySetContainer PropertySet. getContainer ()

Methods in org.eclipse.rse.core.model with parameters of type IPropertySetContainer
 void IPropertySet. setContainer ( IPropertySetContainer container)
          Sets the container of this property set.
 void PropertySet. setContainer ( IPropertySetContainer container)

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.references

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.core.references that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class SystemReferencedObject
          A class to encapsulate the operations required of an object which supports references to it by other objects ( SystemReferencingObject).
 class SystemReferencingObject
          A class to encapsulate the operations required of an object which is merely a reference to another object, something we call a shadow.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems
 interface IConnectorService
          A connector service provides the means of establishing a connection from a subsystem (or a number of subsystems) to a target system (a host).
 interface IDelegatingConnectorService
          A delegating connector service forwards all requests for information to another connector service.
 interface IRemoteServerLauncher
          This is the implementation of IServerLauncherProperties.
 interface IServerLauncherProperties
          Implement this interface to provide peristable properties for server launching All properties to be persisted to be are stored and restored from associated IPropertySets
 interface ISubSystem
          Interface implemented by SubSystem objects.

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class AbstractConnectorService
          This is a base class to make it easier to create connector services.
 class AbstractDelegatingConnectorService
 class AuthenticatingConnectorService
          An authenticating connector service understands the concept of credentials (see ICredentials) and possibly the concepts of user id and password.
 class BasicConnectorService
          A basic connector service is one that does not require any type of authentication to connect to its target system.
 class RemoteServerLauncher
          This subclass of IServerLauncherProperties is for use by some dstore-based subsystems, although is possibly of value to vendors as well.
 class ServerLauncher
          Abstract class intended to be extended to provide a means for starting a remote server from the client.
 class SubSystem
          This class is designed to be subclassed.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.servicesubsystem

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.servicesubsystem
 interface IFileServiceSubSystem

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.servicesubsystem that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class FileServiceSubSystem
          Generic Subsystem implementation for remote files.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.subsystems

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.subsystems
 interface IRemoteFileSubSystem
          Specialized interface for remote file subsystems.

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.files.core.subsystems that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class RemoteFileSubSystem
          Specialization for file subsystem factories.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.core.subsystem

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.core.subsystem
 interface IRemoteProcessSubSystem
          The RSE subsystem for Remote Processes

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.core.subsystem.impl

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.core.subsystem.impl that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class RemoteProcessSubSystemImpl
          Default implementation of the IRemoteProcessSubSystem interface.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.servicesubsystem

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.servicesubsystem
 interface IProcessServiceSubSystem

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.processes.servicesubsystem that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class ProcessServiceSubSystem
          The subsystem that, coupled with a ProcessService implementation, can query and kill remote processes on a remote system.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core.subsystems

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core.subsystems
 interface IRemoteCmdSubSystem
          interface RemoteCmdSubSystem extends SubSystem {}

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core.subsystems that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class RemoteCmdSubSystem
          This is the abstraction of a subsystem specialized for remote execution of commands.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core.subsystems.servicesubsystem

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core.subsystems.servicesubsystem
 interface IShellServiceSubSystem

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.shells.core.subsystems.servicesubsystem that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class ShellServiceSubSystem

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.terminals.core

Subinterfaces of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.terminals.core
 interface ITerminalServiceSubSystem
          Specialized interface for remote terminal subsystems.

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.subsystems.terminals.core that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class TerminalServiceSubSystem
          A Subsystem that has terminal instances as children.

Uses of IPropertySetContainer in org.eclipse.rse.ui.subsystems

Classes in org.eclipse.rse.ui.subsystems that implement IPropertySetContainer
 class StandardConnectorService
          A standard connector service is an authenticating connector service (see AuthenticatingConnectorService) that understand and prompts for user ids and passwords.

Release 3.0

Copyright (c) IBM Corporation and others 2000, 2008. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire