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Eclipse JET Guide
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Standard JET2 Control Tags


Process the referenced template, and include its results in the output of the current template.

The attribute 'passVariables' allows explicit declaration of the variables that are passed to the template. By default, all context variables are available to the template. With this parameter, only those variables specified are available. In addition, any changes to passed variables in the template are not reflected in the invoking context.

The deprecated 'restoreNames' attribute is useful in recursive transformations. It causes the tag to save the listed variable values prior to executing the template, and then restore them after exectuion.

The 'restoreNames' and 'passVariables' options are mutually exclusive.

Tag Summary
required <c:include template="value"/>
full tag <c:include template="value" restoreNames="value" passVariables="value" super="value"/>

Required Attributes
A transformation project relative path to the template to execute.

Optional Attributes
A comma separated list of variable names (without the $ sign). Mutually exclusive with 'passVariables'.
A comma separated list of variable names (without the $ sign). Mutually exclusive with 'restoreNames'.
If set to 'true', the template loader attempts to load directly from the overriden transformation (as specified by the 'override' tag or by the 'overrides' attribute of the 'transform' element of the 'org.eclipse.jet.transform' extension in the transforms plugin.xml). If no 'super' template can be found, an error occurs. The default is 'false', indicating normal template loading.

<c:include template="templates/myInclude.jet"/>

<%-- include myInclude.jet from overriden transformation--%>
<c:include template="templates/myInclude.jet" super="true"/>

<%-- pass only the variables $foo and $bar to myInclude.jet--%>
<c:include template="templates/myInclude.jet" passVariables="foo,bar"/>

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