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Eclipse JET Guide
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XPath Custom Fucntions


[Enter the first release in which this extension point appears.]

Declare custom XPath functions that will be available during JET XPath execution.

<!ELEMENT extension ( function*)>

<!ATTLIST extension




<!ELEMENT function EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST function

name           CDATA #REQUIRED

implementation CDATA #IMPLIED

minArgs        CDATA #REQUIRED

maxArgs        CDATA #REQUIRED>

  • name - The name of the XPath function, as it will be called in an XPath expression. The name must start with a letter or underscore (_), and the remaining characters may be letters, digits, underscores(_), hyphens(-) or periods(.).
  • implementation - The Java class that implements the function.
  • minArgs - The minimum number of arguments the function will accept. Must be a an integer greater than or equal to zero (0).
  • maxArgs - The maximum number of arguments the function will accept, or -1, if the function will accept an unlimited number of arguments.

[Enter extension point usage example here.]

[Enter API information here.]

[Enter information about supplied implementation of this extension point.]

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire