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Eclipse JET Guide
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Model Loaders



Define how models consumed by JET transformations and the JET <c:load> tag are loaded from the file system.

<!ELEMENT extension (( loader | defaultTypeLoader | loadableType)+)>

<!ATTLIST extension




<!ELEMENT loader ( type*)>

<!ATTLIST loader

id           CDATA #REQUIRED

name         CDATA #REQUIRED

class        CDATA #REQUIRED

dynamicTypes (true | false) "false">

Defines a model loader, which is a Java class responsible for loading a model into memory given an URL to the model, or given a string representation of the model.

  • id - An unique identifier within the declaring plug-in for the loader. This is typically a value that begins with a letter is is followed by a sequence of letters, numbers, hyphens(-) and underscores(_). This value is prefixed with the declaring plug-in id and a period (.) to form a fully qualified identifier for the model loader.
  • name - A descriptive name for the model loader.
  • class - A class that implements the model loader.
  • dynamicTypes - Indicates whether the model loader dynamically determines whether it handles a particular file type. If 'true', then the model loader must implement IModelLoader.canLoad(String). If 'false', then the types supported by the model loader are determined by child <type> elements, and by <loadableType> elements.

<!ELEMENT defaultTypeLoader EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST defaultTypeLoader



Defines the default model loader for a given file type.

  • fileType - The file type (extension) for which the default loader is being defined.
  • id - The fully qualified id of the model loader.

<!ELEMENT loadableType EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST loadableType



Extends the types supported a Model Loader. This element may be used by plug-ins other than the plug-in declaring the model loader.

  • fileType - The file type that is loadable.
  • id - The fully qualified id of the model loader that is capable of loading the type. This is the id of the plug-in defining the model loader, followed by a period (.) and the id of the model loader (from the <loader>) element.


<!ATTLIST type


Defines a file type that is understood by the model loader.

  • fileType - A file type (file extension).

[Enter extension point usage example here.]

The method org.eclipse.jet.JET2Platform.getModelLoaderManager() returns an instance of org.eclipse.jet.runtime.model.ILoaderManager which provides access to model loaders created with this extension point.

[Enter information about supplied implementation of this extension point.]

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire