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Eclipse Java ME (J2ME) Developer Guide
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Preverification Preference

href="eclipse_java_me_javascript:executeCommand("org.eclipse.ui.window.preferences(preferencePageId=org.eclipse.mtj.ui.preferences.PreverificationPreferencePage)")">Goto the Preverification preference page Java ME> Preverification category from the left pane of the preferences dialog to specify preferences that control the preverification operations performed by the plug-in.


There are two fundamental issues that one controls with this dialog:

  1. Whether to preverify for CLDC 1.0 or CLDC 1.1.
  2. Whether to use the external wireless toolkit preverifier or the new internal preverifier.
Item Contents
Use JAD file settings Selecting this option instructs EclipseME to look at the JAD file setting to determine whether to use CLDC 1.0 or CLDC 1.1 preverification.
Use project platform definition configuration Selecting this option instructs EclipseME to use CLDC 1.0 or CLDC 1.1 preverification based on the configuration supported by the platform selected for the project.
Use specific configuration Selecting this option allows you to choose between CLDC 1.0 or CLDC 1.1 using the pulldown list, regardless of the settings in the JAD file or the project's platform definition.
Default Preverifier MTJ includes a native Java implementation of a preverifier. If you check this option, this new preverifier will be used instead of the external preverifier included with the Wireless Toolkit.

NOTE: The internal preverifier is still in a beta state of developement, and is not guaranteed under all circumstances.

That being said, the internal preverifier does provide better feedback on any preverification errors than most of the external preverifiers. The MTJ developers would greatly appreciate feedback on the functionality of the preverifier.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire