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Eclipse Java ME (J2ME) Developer Guide
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Over the Air Preferences

href="eclipse_java_me_javascript:executeCommand("org.eclipse.ui.window.preferences(preferencePageId=org.eclipse.mtj.ui.preferences.J2MEOTAPreferencePage)")">Goto the Over the Air preference page Java ME> Over the Air category from the left pane of the preferences dialog to specify preferences that control the operation of the Over The Air support of MTJ.


Preference items:

Item Contents
Start Listening at Startup Selecting this preference will cause the embedded Over the Air HTTP server to be started when the Eclipse workbench is started. To use the OTA server outside of Eclipse, make sure to have the server started and a port specified. If the emulator is launched within Eclipse, it is not necessary to start the server as it will be started when necessary.
Use Specified Port To use a specific port for the embedded HTTP server, select this preference and fill in a port. If this preference is not selected, a port will be chosen at random for the Over the Air support.
Specified Port The value of this preference will be used for the embedded HTTP server if Use Specified Port is selected.
Automatically deploy prior to launch Over the Air launching requires a deployed midlet JAR and JAD file in order to operate. Selecting this option will cause MTJ to automatically package your midlet suite prior to launching in Over the Air mode if anything has changed since the last packaging operation.

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