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Eclipse GEF

Uses of Interface

Packages that use GraphicalViewer
org.eclipse.gef.ui.actions This package support for using JFace Actions in your EditorPart. 

Uses of GraphicalViewer in org.eclipse.gef.print

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.print that return GraphicalViewer
  GraphicalViewer PrintGraphicalViewerOperation. getViewer ()
          Returns the viewer.

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.print with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
 void PrintGraphicalViewerOperation. setViewer ( GraphicalViewer viewer)
          Sets the viewer.

Constructors in org.eclipse.gef.print with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
PrintGraphicalViewerOperation (Printer p, GraphicalViewer g)
          Constructor for PrintGraphicalViewerOperation

Uses of GraphicalViewer in org.eclipse.gef.rulers

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.rulers with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
 java.util.List RulerProvider. getAttachedEditParts (java.lang.Object guide, GraphicalViewer viewer)
          Returns a List of EditParts that are attached to the given guide.

Uses of GraphicalViewer in org.eclipse.gef.ui.actions

Fields in org.eclipse.gef.ui.actions declared as GraphicalViewer
protected   GraphicalViewer ToggleRulerVisibilityAction. diagramViewer
          The viewer whose ruler visibility property is to be toggled

Constructors in org.eclipse.gef.ui.actions with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
ToggleSnapToGeometryAction ( GraphicalViewer diagramViewer)
ToggleRulerVisibilityAction ( GraphicalViewer diagramViewer)
ToggleGridAction ( GraphicalViewer diagramViewer)

Uses of GraphicalViewer in org.eclipse.gef.ui.palette

Classes in org.eclipse.gef.ui.palette that implement GraphicalViewer
 class PaletteViewer
          Graphical viewer for the GEF palette.

Methods in org.eclipse.gef.ui.palette with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
 void FlyoutPaletteComposite. hookDropTargetListener ( GraphicalViewer viewer)
          This method hooks a DropTargetListener that collapses the flyout patette when the user drags something from the palette and moves the cursor to the primary viewer's control.

Uses of GraphicalViewer in

Classes in that implement GraphicalViewer
 class GraphicalViewerImpl
          An EditPartViewer implementation based on Figures.
 class ScrollingGraphicalViewer
          A Graphical Viewer implementation which uses a FigureCanvas for native scrolling.

Methods in that return GraphicalViewer
protected   GraphicalViewer GraphicalViewerKeyHandler. getViewer ()
          Returns the viewer on which this key handler was created.
protected   GraphicalViewer GraphicalEditor. getGraphicalViewer ()
          Returns the graphical viewer.

Methods in with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
protected  void GraphicalEditor. setGraphicalViewer ( GraphicalViewer viewer)
          Sets the graphicalViewer for this EditorPart.

Constructors in with parameters of type GraphicalViewer
GraphicalViewerKeyHandler ( GraphicalViewer viewer)
          Constructs a key handler for the given viewer.

Eclipse GEF

Copyright (c) IBM Corp. and others 2000, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

  Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 ("EPL") Design by Interspire